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Last Post Of Tumblr.

Hello Everyone!

It’s Selena here, and i want to tell you this yes i don’t like tumblr right now SO… i’ll don’t use it anymore.

But this girl show me what you can found in tumblr and sometimes i’ll log there and help her to get followers, but NOW is the time that we was waiting you will follow her! Yes this is a shoutout for her.(:

She told me how much she want a co-owner and she told me “Sel want you to be my co-owner?” i say for sure but no always still i have work to do.

So pretty please, follow her she will give very sweet posts for you!

Or you can ask her what you want in a pic, and she will do it.

She’s a big big fan for me now and i’d help her RIGHT NOW.

She helped me when i was sad, she can do it with you too.

So thank you guys for this big favor! I love you and i will remember to all my followers of here :) thank you for an amazing time here! For ALL! I LOVE YOU <3

Xoxo. Sel

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